Aluminet 40%-70%

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A variety of options can make it difficult to know what product is best suited for your needs; So here are some common uses for different shade cloth percentages.

  • 30%-60% is most commonly used for vegetables, fruit trees and small nurseries.
  • 70% is most effective for greenhouses or sheltering animals or commercial livestock from the sun.
  • 90% is the preferred option for employers to provide shelter for their workers. It can also be laid on the ground to inhibit weed growth.

We hope this helped you with selecting the right shade cloth!

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Due to the superior reflect abilities and light weight of ALUMINET, it is the perfect cloth to cover the outside of a greenhouse instead of standard black shade cloth. In addition to providing all of the benefits of standard shade cloth, ALUMINET is easy and quick to install.

ALUMINET is also used as a direct covering over vegetable crops. The aluminized screens not only provide shade, but also protect against frost. Under actual field conditions, crops covered with black shade cloth during frost conditions, were totally damaged, while crops covered with ALUMINET had no damage whatsoever.

ALUMINET is a special knitted screen made from metalized HDPE. The fibers are produced from mono-oriented HDPE, giving the fiber durability and longevity. After an aluminum metalization process, the films are covered with a special anti-oxidation coating. The net is knitted into a precise uniform texture. The net meets the ASTM-D 3887 standard.


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